Wurth Gravel Throw and Underbody Protection

For repairing and restoring the original texture and for protecting against stone chips and corrosion in all visible areas, e.g. front and rear aprons, side skirts, bumpers and chassis on cars, trucks and buses. Ideally suited for use as anti-drone compound for wheel wells and chassis.


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Rubber-based coating compound containing solvents, can be painted.
Excellent adhesion, rapid skin formation


Can be painted over

With many commercially available solvent- and water-based 1C and 2C top layers.

Suitable for oven drying at 40°C to 60°C for short periods

Excellent stone chip protection

Professional tip

Various structures can be sprayed by altering the distance, volume and/or pressure
Painting with clear varnish darkens the colour
Resistant to water, spray water and stone chips

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