Nitto Trail Gear 255x75R17

The Nitto Trail Gear combines Mud Grappler performance with Terra Grappler comfort. It is an all-terrain tire that provides excellent traction and handling in most year round driving conditions including some off-road environments. Trail Grappler tires offer predictable performance and a smooth quiet ride.


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The Nitto Trail Gear 255x75R17 mud tire┬ácombines the Terra Grappler tire’s on-road comfort and the Mud Grappler’s off-road performance. This balance of good off-road traction and less noise on the highway is thanks to a tread pattern that is designed to resist mud packing in between the tread blocks but also advanced sound analysis equipment to reduce the harmonics as the tire spins.

It also has increased puncture resistance due to the 3-ply sidewall with a high turn-up of the extra rubber in the bead area, near the rim flange. This tire also delivers smooth ride on paved roads because of its automated manufacturing system that produces exceptional consistent tires that are easily balance every time.

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